We were having issues with our IT consultants and hired RJ2 Technologies to come in and take over our IT solutions. It was one of the best decisions we have made. During their review they pointed out several areas that we needed to address, and came in with a plan to implement the changes to coincide with our budget.

RJ2 is very proactive and the communication with us is fantastic. I would highly recommend them.

Tom TeschnerChief Executive Officer

I am writing this letter on behalf of RJ2 Technologies and its team members. I have been affiliated with this group for almost 20 years and have found them to be honest, reliable, hardworking, conscientious & courteous.

Of course, this is the type of relationship we all search for, but one of the things that stand out about RJ2 is that they have your best interest in mind and with a proven track record in successes- they can guide you towards the best possible solutions.

I am recommending this group based off of my personal experience. When our server went down, RJ2 provided us with replacement equipment and support immediate so that our business would not be impacted.

When you have a relationship where the “Value” is not just perceived, but actual, you can rest assured that your business will continue to thrive with RJ2 Technologies. They make it simple, fast and easy to work with.

Rory LentPresident

DSP Insurance Services has worked with RJ2 for several years. We view them as a trusted advisor for our company. A true partner if you will. They have always acted in the most professional manner possible and provided timely responses and importance to our technology needs. RJ2 has worked to understand our business so that they can complement their expertise and consultation to the future of our company. We appreciate all that RJ2 brings to us and we rely on it every day.

Steve WebsterPresident

As a Managing Partner of a private equity firm, I am in charge of all things financial, administrative, compliance, HR and IT related.  Accordingly, we have chosen to outsource all of our IT purchases, strategy, network maintenance, desktop support, phone, mobile and remote solutions and capabilities to RJ2. RJ2 has supported CIVC for the past 12 years which obviously transcends numerous technological life cycles: black berry to smart phones to iphone/Samsung; local servers to the cloud; firewall and vpn solutions, and copper to VOIP phone solutions. The purpose of outsourcing is to leverage specific knowledge and expertise in the ever changing world of technology, communications, work place productivity.  The expectation is that RJ2 can leverage their experience and knowledge across their client base to better serve firms like CIVC. We value our long standing relationship with RJ2.  They are a good partner that helps us with daily needs, while also looking ahead to help us think about and prepare for the future.


Chris GeneserChief Financial Officer

Associated Agencies, Inc. first started working with RJ2 Technologies in 2001, we contracted them to upgrade our system.  We were so impressed with the work they did for us that we decided to outsource our daily IT functions instead of using in house employees.

Associated Agencies has never looked back.  RJ2 has provided us with a stable environment with very little downtime, exceptional support staff and a commitment to keep us up and running you don’t find in today’s market.

Every four to five years we do a company wide refresh with new servers, equipment, software, etc.

RJ2 will put together a strategic plan that will take in consideration the latest technical advances, company growth while keeping in mind that the next refresh will be in four to five years.

Another areas that we have used the services of RJ2 purchasing equipment and software which they are very competitive.  They have been instrumental in helping us develop our disaster recovery plan.

Carol J. UlasyChief Financial Officer

We have had the pleasure of working with RJ2 over the past few years. All the individuals have been very helpful, professional, prompt and courteous. The difference they have made in our computer environment is tremendous. RJ2 has implemented new state-of-the-art systems, upgraded our software, integrated third party software and established connectivity with remote offices. These changes have resulted in absolutely no delays in application responsiveness and consistent high-speed internet connectivity. We have virtually no downtime in the past couple of years. RJ2 staff is just a phone call away. I feel our computer environment has improved 100% and this is due to our association with RJ2!

Heidi PetersonVice President

We had an IT dilemma a few years ago when our home office relocated to the Midwest. Coming from a corporation headquartered in New York, this provided a unique set of challenges for us. Additionally, we did not have the time, the resources, or the inclination to work that out, and we needed help to get up and running quickly.

When we contacted RJ2, they provided a comprehensive plan to get us back to work quickly and efficiently. RJ2’s staff has continued to be responsive, knowledgeable, and have consistently delivered immediate results.

Kevin DowellSenior Vice President

RJ2 is always patient, fast, and best of all they designed our IT system based on OUR needs. Our old server was a relic, and our staff could not be happier with the finished product. Our customers have complimented us many times on our website, online registration, and how easy it is to access information. The entire process really was amazing, and the customer service is top notch. Thank you RJ2, and thank you to your staff for the exceptional job.

Leslie DeMossRecreation Services Manager